“White horses” is now available on bandcamp.

We had to delay the release of White horses as it’s a cover version and we had to apply for permission to use the song.
We now have that permission.

This is our version of the UK theme song to the 1965 television show “White horses”.
The original song was written by Michael Carr and Ben Nisbet and sung by Jackie Lee.

So by law we have to state the following which gives due credit to the original writers of this great song :
“White Horses” (Carr/Nisbet). Published by B Feldman & Co Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Our latest song “Dust index” will be out this weekend

“Dust index” will be available on our bandcamp page this Friday afternoon.
It’s our own version of a song that Jill wrote soon after leaving Strawberry switchblade.
At that time it was only ever recorded onto a demo cassette so only a handful of people have heard the original song.

It’s a bit darker than our first four songs as it deals with the subject of humans polluting the earth.

Chris Cordani will be playing it on this weekends revenge of the 80s radio show.

We will add links here and in our facebook page later this week.

Progress update

We’re still busy working on more songs for the album.
The next two songs are roughly 80% complete though it’s not easy to say when they’ll be finished.

One song is our own version of a demo song that Jill wrote not long after leaving Strawberry Switchblade.
The other is a cover version of a well known song which will be revealed when it’s finished.

We have lots of other songs in various stages of completion and all three of us are writing new songs.

We’ll keep you updated here and on our facebook page.

New look for our website

You might have noticed a big difference in the look of the website.
Jill’s friend Chris Avis made some artwork for us using photos of the band.
Chris took the photos of Jill and Jess herself and Craig took his own photo (as he is about 400 miles away from London where Chris, Jill and Jess live).
We are very grateful to Chris for creating the images and encourage you to check out her web site.

Jill’s own artwork is also used on the website (the collage backgrounds on the smaller photos) and the images used for each album track are also Jills.
You can see (and buy) lots of Jill’s artwork on her own website.