“King of the world” gets its first radio airplay on Revenge of the 80s radio

On 26th July our song “King of the world” was very well promoted and played on radio for the first time ever here on Chris Cordani’s great revenge of the 80s radio show.
Chris had already interviewed Jill on his 5th July 2013 show where Jill talks about her artwork, past Strawberry switchblade experiences and also announces that she is making new music.
That show was also the first ever play on radio of our song “Change your mind”.
You can download or listen to podcasts of the shows which are also broadcast on 17 other syndicate radio shows around the world.
We are very pleased that Chris is promoting our music and that he is interested in hearing more songs from us in the near future.
It’s a good radio show too with loads of great songs from the 80s, some of which you might have forgotten about.

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