7 inch vinyl now finished and will be available to buy from us soon

The vinyl has been pressed and the covers printed.
They are available to buy now from Mystic moon records in the USA, and we have 250 copies being shipped to us soon so you will be able to buy from us directly in the UK.
We will add a purchase by paypal link to the website and facebook page once we get the singles.

It may be one or two weeks from now.

Limited edition 7 inch vinyl

We have a limited edition 7 inch 45 rpm vinyl coming out in the next few weeks on Joe Moon’s Mystic moon records.
It’s a double A side with the tracks “The warning” and “Dust index”.
The artwork is finished and will be printed very soon and the second vinyl test pressing has been approved by all of us so is also set to go.
The vinyl is being pressed by Archer record pressing in Detroit Michigan.
We are very grateful to Joe for making this happen.

Here are jpegs of the final artwork.
The actual artwork is obviously higher quality than these.

Vinyl labels. Artwork by Craig Hood and Jill Bryson.
Vinyl labels

Back cover. Artwork by Craig Hood and Jill Bryson.
Back cover

Front cover. Artwork by Jill Bryson, photo by Peter McArthur.
Front cover

We will keep you updated on the progress and add links to the site for purchasing a copy.


“Trees and flowers” is now available on bandcamp.

This is our version of Trees and flowers by Strawberry switchblade.
Even though the original song was written by Jill Bryson, we still have to ask for permission from the publishers to use this song.
Artwork by Jill Bryson.

Published By Zoo Music Ltd. All Rights Administered by Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. Used By Permission. All Rights Reserved.

New look for our website

You might have noticed a big difference in the look of the website.
Jill’s friend Chris Avis made some artwork for us using photos of the band.
Chris took the photos of Jill and Jess herself and Craig took his own photo (as he is about 400 miles away from London where Chris, Jill and Jess live).
We are very grateful to Chris for creating the images and encourage you to check out her web site.

Jill’s own artwork is also used on the website (the collage backgrounds on the smaller photos) and the images used for each album track are also Jills.
You can see (and buy) lots of Jill’s artwork on her own website.